Scion of the Sorceress (Paperback) / A Gargoyle & Sorceress Tale Book 8


Sometimes the forces of Light just need a little help from a villain to get the job done.

Commander Gryton has always watched his own back. It goes with being at the top of the magical food chain. But for the first time in his existence—thanks to his devious gargoyle father—he’s been slapped with a partner.

This infuriating female soldier also has the distinction of being a Null, a mortal sent by the Divine Ones to influence an outcome. A Null’s natural immunity to all types of magic allows them to battle even the most powerful of magic wielders, even demigods.

His sire and dam are certain the Divine Ones have sent the Null to aid the Light in defeating the Battle Goddess. Gryton doubts it’s anything so innocent. And if he’s correct, he has just been partnered up with his doom.

But if the Divine Ones think he’ll just roll over and allow one of their Nulls the chance to kill him, they’ll be disappointed.

Very disappointed.

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