Sorcery & Firedrakes (Paperback) / A Gargoyle & Sorceress Tale Book 7


Sometimes it all just goes wrong.

After the Lady of Battles orders a hopeless mission into gargoyle territory, only Captains Vaspara and Sorac survive.

Now that they have escaped and everyone back home thinks they’re dead, the two captains see a once in a lifetime opportunity to escape their bloody destinies.

But where can a succubus with a conscience and a firedrake who only wants to fly off into the sunset with his closest friend go to be safe?

It might be foolish to wish for a quiet life after close to two thousand years of warfare, but Vaspara is nothing if not stubborn, and together, she and Sorac are determined to start a new life elsewhere.

Unfortunately…there’s just one other problem.

Sorac has a clutch of fourteen eggs hidden under the Lady of Battles’ fortress, and firedrakes never abandon their young.
If they want to escape once and for all, they need to find a way to rescue his clutch.

Oh, wait…

There’s a third problem.

A deadly djinn guards the nest.

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